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    New here on the forum. I'm 47 , an outdoorsman, a woodworker, and have been shooting slingshot since I was a boy. My other serious hobbies are Archery, and playing Guitar.
    Glad I stumbled on Joerg's channel in the quest for more power. I have been shooting a Marksman folder for forever, before that a Trumark as a boy, always with store bought bands, and up until recently only that was all I knew. I am in Maine in the sticks, and simply was never exposed to anything better., and rubber band powered forks just weren't my thing. So I ordered a Cougar, a box of Thera Band Gold, a box of red Thera Band Tubes, and am having a blast. I learned what to buy from reading this forum, and even made a band tying jig, some leather pouches, and have been making my own bands for the first time.
    Thanks to all here! And thanks Joerg!
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    Welcome to SSC!