Help needed with slingshot dimensions!

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  1. Jakelol

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    Im going to order a custom titanium Dangkung hunting slingshot but i need help with dimensions.
    I going to use the slingshot as a compact slingshot that i will pack with me when im going camping.
    I want the slingshot to be small and light and thats why i will go with titanium.

    When i sent an email to Dangkung and asked what they was thinking they said a 8mm thick rod and 12cm tall and 4cm between the ears, and I wanted there general ears with there ergonomic grip.

    Does this sound ok to you guys or should i change anything before ordering.
    Im going to use 9-10mm steel ammo or maybe lead.
    Im going to use looped 1842 or 1745 tubes. Will a 8mm titanium rod be ok or can i even go with 7mm? I want it to be as light as possible.

    I got small hands a wear a size 7 glove.

    Im going to be plinking with the slingshot when out camping but i also want to be able to hunt with it.
    Please help me out with the right dimensions.

  2. kindlebear

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    Why don't you get yourself a nice natural fork and carve it to your size. Then measure it and see what the dimensions are.
    Another plus: when you're used to selfmade naturals, you won't want or need a custom made steel or titanium ;)
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  3. Jakelol

    Jakelol New Member

    Because i want something that wont rust and will last forever because im lazy ;)
  4. JanP

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    You know, the problem with us addicts is... after the first slingshot, you want a second, a third, a 15th and so on... My first slingshot was an ugly (and I really mean ugly) boardcut, then I ordered a couple of slingshots from Aliexpress, had the chance to cast my own aluminum slingshot... in my opinion, kindlebear's comment is right... you will probably change your shooting style several times until you find your preferred style, and it would be a pity to invest a lot of money for a slingshot that you will not use.
  5. Jakelol

    Jakelol New Member

    Yeah maybe but 50$ is not much imo but i will probably change my style as time goes on.