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    Hello. This is my first post. I teach high school students with intellectual and physical disabilities. We have a basketball league, and I am trying to design something that will allow my students who use wheelchairs to shoot free throws. I have made a mock-up of my idea in PVC, and have a friend who is going to make it out of metal for me. I got my idea from a 3-person water balloon launcher. I am at the point now where I am trying to decide which color Thera Tube to use. I plan to have 4 sections of tube connecting to a fabric or leather pocket of some sort. Please, if you have the time, take a look at my pictures, and then give me your suggestions.

    Important information:
    My contraption is just over 4 feet long. The tubes will attach at the rear of the main vertical section, up to the front posts (18 inches), around rollers, and then back a total of 27 inches. I will be connecting it to a rockwell Jaw Stand (pictured) so I can set the correct angle.

    It will have to travel a distance of 15 feet, with enough arc to go into a 10 foot high basket.

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    More pictures.

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    respect for what you do!

    Hi Juggle-Early,

    LOTS of respect for what you do!- Although I suppose
    you don´t do it as an act of charity..
    For I found that people with issues are much more likely
    to understand others (with THEIR issues), and therefore
    being more objective, intuitive and "helpful" than "normal"

    Concerning the topic:

    All you need is a rubbered fork!- Maybe one with a rubbered
    baseplate, possibly one a wheelchair can press down to the floor..

    If there´s three people shooting, two might hold the fork..
    (figuring out angles, drawlength, power..)

    Concerning your contraption:

    You need diagonal elements!
    - in your version all forces will have to be compensated
    by those angled joints..

    I suggest a big fork, TBG, and a good team!