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hi just like to say i love seeing the design's and other statistics about slingshots .i love naturals and have been collecting quite a few forks with my granddaughter 8 and grandson 6 . and have quite a few others including five hunter catapults a Dankung and last but not least a Joerg sprave L.E.. . i am not a hunter but enjoy visiting jacks shed .com .. . can i just say while here and hope game keeper john does not mind me doing so . as i saw this info on his youtube site . the asda store's in uk are carrying there own brand flatbands and they are cheap. he has managed as can be seen on the YT video . to get speed's over 300 fps and well chuffed he was too . any way hope i have not bored you all with my first post . <img src="" alt="Slingshot" longdesc="36"><img src="" alt="Band Type" longdesc="37"><img src="" alt="Question" longdesc="17"> everything <img src="" alt="Idea" longdesc="18"> never be afraid to let he other guy say no.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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