Hello to all, I have a qustion!

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    Hello to all and thank you for having me.<br><br>With that said, I have a qustion and hoping for a answer.<br><br>I am yet again in the market for yet another slingshot but can't decide which one to get.<br><br>1. Saunders Falcon-2&trade; | Wrist-RocketĀ® (flat bands)<br><br>2. Chief Aj <span style="font-size: 25px; line-height: normal"><strong>ELK HUNTER "QUICK BOW" (tubes)</strong></span><br><br>I have a few that use tubes but have never had one that uses flat bands.<br><br>I have heard great things about both but still am on the fence about which one to get.<br><br>Maybe someone could give me some pros and cons???<br><br><br><br>Thanks:)