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So Im working on a wheeled ballista style siege engine for the larp I play in. My countrys old ballista is stationary and theyve been using medical tubing. Mine will be mobile and will use theraband golds. Ammunition is typically a 10 inch round pillow basically. We also use our larp javelins as well. I prefer the pillows just for general safety since the only regulation on siege engines in our game is that they arent basically just a giant three man slingshot. Meaning these things can be made very powerfully.
Im taking a lot of inspiration from the giant slingshot cannon, particular the winch set up.

Im getting close to completing this thing and am wondering how to calculate the band lengths and how i might be able to get a rough idea at how much power or whatever is behind it. The full draw length should be roughly 3.5 to 4 feet long.
I am using 4x4 pine posts and a mix of 1x8 and 1x10 whiteboard. Used 2x6 for the legs or trail of the carriage/limber part. I suspect the whiteboard wont last long under stress but its cheaper and lighter.
Will get pictures up here at some point.

My goal is to have a mobile ballista that can lob these pillows at nerds from all the way across the field. Hoping to be able to get at least 100 yards at a full draw
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