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Hello - new from the uk

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Love the sling shot channel, I've never made a sling shot but starting my first one soon. ^^<br>Jon:cheers:
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hi!<br><br>good decision of this great hobby. now go grab a tree fork and some rubber. you won't regret it. or get one of gamekeeper john's great slingshots. not a lot a shipping costs for you within the uk, i think.
<div style="margin:auto;text-align:center;width:100%">Hello Jon and welcome. Wish you a lot of fun making and shooting slingshots. <img src="" alt="cheers" longdesc="28">
Hello Jon, you'll never regret your decision ... unless ouch !!!, (only a joke) just take care ... welcome
Welcome to the forums.
Hello guys, thank you for the warm welcome. Where do I get the rubber from? I have got some resistance rubber bands that people use for exercise, will this work? <br>many thanks<br>Jon
hello Jon! Welcome to the forum!
Hi Jon!<br><br>Grab a saw, hit the woods, cut out a fork and bring it home, make your first slingshot...<br><br>You'll get hooked!
Welcome Ile be counting on seeing your slingshots. I bet there great
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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