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Hello From Western North Carolina

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Howdy My sling shooting <i>neighbors & Thanks Joerg, for inspiring me to go back to my sling shot roots. When I was a kid in the '70s, I would visit my grandfather & he would give me his "Wrist Rocket" and a big handful of old rusty nuts & bolts. I was supposed to shoot at crows in his garden. I never did shoot a crow but I learned to enjoy whizzing projectiles with rubber bands. During high school I probably made 5 or 6 sling shots from 1/4" steel rods. I even made sling bows and several spear guns. During these intervening years I have not thought about sling shots, but after seeing your wildly entertaining videos on YouTube, I went out to the shed and dug out the old sling shooters. Much to my surprise, my wife really likes to shoot them and is a good shot. I really enjoy missile weapons of all sorts, guns, bows, spears, rocks, knives, </i>Medieval siege engines and of course sling shooters. My first profession was as a farrier (horse shoeing) and a blacksmith. In 1990 I quit shoeing horses and focused on historic reproductions. If you have seen the movie "Last Of The Mohicans" with Daniel Day-louis, I made dozens of wrought iron props for the movie. I quit blacksmithing professionally in 1995 and took up the profession of my father as a land surveyor. These days I enjoy hunting, hiking, camping, building DIY, gardening, and sling shooting. Best of luck, Kyl
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