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Hello from the Rhineland (German)

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Hello my friends - as my nick gives away, I spend most of my time building bows. Archery is my big addiction - yet I always been playing around with slingshots. I always seen them as an lightweight bow substituted for hiking/camping for small game and critters. So, thru the years I bought a few commercial models but never been quiet happy with those slings nor with my skills shooting one. That was also the reason why let my interest in those slings rest for the past years - never seen much merit in it till watched a couple of Jorg's videos on Youtube. I never seen before most of the different styles he used in those, as I surely was impressed by the efficiency of them. So, I had to try it again - with a home made sling in a simple design, with no brace as the one I bought - cheap and simple.<br><br>And since I been waiting for the material for my next bow I used a spare hour this afternoon to get started again on the slings. I used some multiplex board and a inner tube, within an hour I had a usable slingshot - guess it is referred here to as Thor-Hammer-Style - so I'm hocked! I'm not yet using any Theraband, still got to order me some, yet this foot of inner tubing cut in half left me with some strong action already.
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Hello and Welcome! <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">
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