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    Hi all, thought I would introduce myself before I started posting.

    Im a professional falconer and animal presenter currently based in North-East England. Ive always had a slingshot around since I was a kid (usually a Black Widow) normally as a 'back-up' to my hawk or rifle. Its only in the last year or so that Ive really got into slingshots in their own right, and what a hobby it is!

    So much of my spare time is now taken up making frames I barely have time to shoot any! Hoping to change that a bit over winter and look forward to having my new(ish) obsession fuelled by the forum! :)


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    Welcome to SSC!

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    welcome to the ssf

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    Welcome to the forum! I have always loved Raptor/Birds of Prey. We have a couple of natural history museums in our area that have various species, mostly rescues, that they have on display. There is something amazing about their power and the beauty of their flight. It's interesting to hear the various birds in and around our yard go crazy when a hawk is in the area. It gets really noisy out there as they defend their territory. I've gone out on numerous occasions to spot a hawk circling the area and watching the scrub jays and crows try and chase him off. Amazing birds. We'll look forward to seeing your (raptor inspired???) slingshot creations.
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    james, thanks for introducing yourself, it shows you are looking to be part of this little community. Birds of prey have always fascinated me, red tail hawks are my favorites. i once had one fly directly in front of my windshield, i had to slam the brakes, i looked to my left to see it sprawled out on the ground with a snake writhing in it's talons. this was a life changing moment, now for the last 17 years i notice every raptor in my vacinity.
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    Welcome to the forum chap.

    You have no idea how neat I think that your being a falconer is. Ever since I was a boy, I have often imagined myself with my very own bird of prey at my side.

    Being that I presently have neither the resources, time, or proper setting to own my own high flying raptures... I settled for the next best thing... Two very-low-to-the-ground Dachshunds... and a good thing too because I AM ABSOLUTELY CRAZY (American term for very attached) to my two little buddies...

    Around the time the pups were about 8 months old, I was letting them stretch their legs and run unleashed at the local park when they caught the eye of a local red hawk who found them very appetizing and perched itself very close to them and was luckily scared off by a larger dog that ran at that very moment towards their vicinity! I literally had to run and re-leash them. The red hawk would not leave, and has returned on several occasion.... much too close for comfort.

    I have already seen that very hawk take a kitten across the street and just two weeks ago he made it rain blood and feathers over a children's birthday party as it tore apart several starlings that were feasting on a mulberry tree.

    NOT TO DIVERGE OFF TOPIC: That red hawk (who is a protected species in my country) is the very reason I found my way to this forum and my new found love for SLINGSHOTS...

    I needed a way to "safely" scare it off and discourage its interest in man's best friend.
    I now ALWAYS carry a double banded multiplex catapult and a handful of dried chickpeas as rapture ammo.

    This is a picture I took of the culprit with my cell phone:

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    Thank you all for the welcome, and for your raptors stories too! I can never hear too much about birds of prey! :) They really are something that takes over your whole life once they are in it, not that I regret a moment of it though!

    Really look forward to being part of the forum :)
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    Welcome from another new member! We have lots of hawks and owls( even the occasional eagle) here in Northern California. They are amazing; its great that you can bond with them.
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    Welcome to the forum sir,
    btw, cool "hobby", when i was young, i always was afraid of falcons!
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    Hello and welcome James.