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    Hello to all,<br><br>Just wanted to say hi. I'm an old slingshot shooter (I'll be 57 this December 24 th) so I'm going to try to stay up with you youngsters.<br><br>I have been shooting slingshots since I was 5 years old. and still loving it! I would'nt give up my slingshot for nothing. I have been checking you guys out for a while now and decided it is time to jump in. I will pop in from time to time.<br><br>You all have a wealth of information here. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to being a part of the group!<br><br><img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_santa.png" alt="santa" longdesc="32"> Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you, and God bless you all.<br><br>Shoot safe,<br><br>Mike