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Hello from South Africa

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This is the dude "Riverine" here. My real name is Geoff (pronounced Jeff for those of you unsure).<br><br>I'm 37 years old & building slingshots again like when I was a youngster. Only way cooler this time.<br><br>Somewhat of a Slingshot apprentice now. I'm after that ever elusive "perfect slingshot". Forever doomed to keep on making slingshots until the day I've finally made it <br><br>The local name for a slingshot in sunny South Africa is a "ketty" derived from English word catapault. <br><br>As kids we all made our own very crude looking kettys all the time and we shot at pretty much everything.<br><br>What really interests me these days apart from the physics behind slingshots design, band choice, band length is just the devastation and destruction I can cause with cool slingshots I make -in a controlled yet responsible way ofcourse. I only shoot at my catching box or out on the farm where I can't harm anyone.<br><br><br><br>My Three Rules when I make a slingshot are:<br><br>It has to look cool.<br><br>It has to give me great pleasure and joy to make it<br><br>It has to kick ass when I shoot it!<br><br><br><br>Since I'm still a student I'm going to be asking loads of questions on the forum and making many mistakes during my builds. <br><br>So far I have made 3 slingshots whilst checking out the slingshot channel -before joining the forum. <br><br>For me the cool thing about this forum is the confluence of ideas from people building slingshots all over the world to help me propogate my own ideas about what I want to build.<br><br><br><br>Jorg thanks for this... you are a legend!<br><br><br><br>AC/DC ROCKS!!!!!!
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