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Hi , folks , <br><br>Someone on YouTube just asked me , whether I was registered in here , I took a chance and instantly did it !<br><br>I'm a north German guy of 50 years of age living about 35 kilometres(20miles) east of the city of Hamburg .<br><br>I've been shooting slingshots during my teenage years(did some poaching for birds , rabbits and mice back then to harvest forage for the falconry of my best friend) , but when the first girls stepped into my life , I've somewhen dropped the hobby for something more interesting:D , .........for more than thirty years , ........only made one ammo magazine shooter of aluminium about 25 years ago , ...but since it rested in a drawer down my workshop without being shot too much .<br><br>Came across Joerg's vids on YouTube two to three years ago and these made me remember my slingshot adventures from younger years .<br><br>Since I like making things with my own hands(most likely building fishing lures , though) , I soon started to build my first "old age" slingshot , ......provided with far more skills , tool gear and materials than I ever had during my youth .<br><br>No poaching anymore today , ......just enjoying to pierce a few tin cans sometimes , whenever I feel like , .........guess , I'm not a good shot at all , taking too little time to practise , ....but I really do enjoy carving on natural tree forks .<br><br>I'm not into trying to build the most powerful slingshots , not neccessary for plinking , anyway , ......most likely I use weaker bandsets for a smooth and convinient draw , I have never been a sporty guy my entire life:D .<br><br>I'm glad , that I've finally made my way into this forum , .....hoping to find some input for further slingshot projects and maybe even share my humble experiences and knowledge about slingshot making .<br><br>Cheers , diemai:)
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