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    Hello! I am not entirely sure how to operate on a forum but here's a shot at it!<br><br>I live in a boring town and I have found that slingshots help pass the time without travailing for ammo, a range, people to practice with, etc. I also like to make things and work with my hands using any material I can find. I'm a self reliance and survival enthusiast and have found that a slingshot, and some skill, can prove the difference between success and failure in a pinch. I'm fascinated by this humble, yet adaptive, tool!<br><br>But any way, enough of my ramblings.<br><br>I am always interested in talking ballistics, designs, applications, etc. Other than that I'm up for anything.
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    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?


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    Hello and welcome to the slingshotforum.<br>To summarise my thoughts: I agree with you, that slingshots are awesome.<br>Have fun in the community!