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Hello from Japan

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Hi all. My name is Naohiko posting from Fukushima Japan.<br><br>Recently I made a new slingshot using a natural branch of beech tree and fitness band.<br>I used to use stationary rubber bands but they tend to tear very quick so I've been looking for new material and found out fitness rubber bands are very durable as well as inexpensive. at first I use whole width of the band.It was too tough to pull yet not so fast like I had imagined. <br><br>then I cut the band in narrow shape. This is light to handle, easy to aim targets, very accurate, and also interesting to know that this narrow band is more powerful than full width. I reckon the narrow one is more elastic and can transmit the pulling power better. But not really sure yet.<br><br>That's all my story.<br><br><br>
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Welcome naohiko <img src="" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1">
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