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Hello from Italy

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Hi there <img src="" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1"> My name is Nicola and I'm a totally noob but I'm pretty sure that here I will learn all I have to know about slingshots <img src="" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1"><br>Ty Joerg for the amazing world that you showed us!<br>p.s. a little curiosity: what's your favourite kind of beers? mine is weissbier <img src="" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1"><br>
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<tr><td class="quote">Welcome! my name is also nicholas and i also love beer! I have a collection of all different beer bottles in my room! My favorite one is Monchshol</td></tr>
<span class="postbody"><br><br>a schwarz beer :O strong and very tasty flavour! I love Franziskaner! and many others weisse <img src="" alt="Wink" longdesc="15"> wheat in beer give them body and sweetness they become "liquid bread" <img src="" alt="Wink" longdesc="15"></span>
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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