Hello from Florida!

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    Heya, everyone! I hope things are going well. I just joined this forum after finally realizing it existed after watching the "Instant Legolas" video, even though I've watched The Slingshot Channel for quite a while.

    A little about me is that I have a lot of hobbies of the medieval kind. I can do some basic woodwork and I'm still learning techniques and such, but practice makes perfect. I do a lot of different medieval combat-related sports be it the community that is Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF), or some lighter stuff like Live Action Role-Plays (LARPs).

    So a lot of these things involve bows in some way, shape, or form and some of the LARP rulesets leave some beautifully vague rules about bows and arrows. So watching things like this gives me ideas to attempt prototypes, however, I've never been that great at being able to really flesh out ideas which is why I was quite happy when I saw that there was a potential hive-mind to ask help from.

    I hope to hear back from some of you and thanks for reading!