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Hi,<br><br>Thanks to all for your welcomes. I am new to slingshots although have done some archery in my much younger years so hope this will help a little! I always wanted one so decided now is the time! I just received one from Nathan at Flippin Out Slingshots and think it will be a great rig. I do a lot of wilderness travel here in the Maritimes and unfortunately coyotes have become a real problem so decided I may need a bit of assistance in case they become troublesome. I also liked target shooting very much when I was into archery so made a dandy catch box as described by Nathan and it worked perfectly!<br><br>Hey Bert, I was born in Lunenburg but have lived in Halifax/Dartmouth for many years (more than where I was born), most of my family are here now with my father still being in Lunenburg. Thanks for the welcome!
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