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    Hello everyone!

    My name is kjones, and I'm new to the forum. I wanted to check it out and introduce myself.

    I've recently become obsessed with Joerg's videos. He's so passionate about slingshots and brilliantly creative. I enjoy seeing how he tests things and attempts to "max out" a concept.

    I also enjoy looking through a window into another country - I was born in California and have never traveled outside of USA. However, my heritage is almost entirely German. So, it's a bit heart-warming to see into the backyard of a German who enjoys tinkering and crafting as much as me and my family do. Germany seems like it has beautiful scenery.

    When I was younger, I was fascinated with weapons - I would make my own makeshift knives from scrap plate metal and the like. I remember toying around with a commercial slingshot that my father had and being entirely disappointed with its power. It didn't seem as effective as a, say, a BB gun to me. So, I quickly became disinterested in them and formed a stereotype of them being a toy rather than a legitimate weapon. Joerg's channel has proven to me that this is not true. It's all about the rubber and the ammunition (with a little technique thrown in there). It was fascinating to learn that slingshots were actually used in the trenches in one of the world wars. I've come to respect them as legitimate weapons, and find myself wanting to plink around with a more powerful model.

    I've also come to respect how artistic slingshots can be. A lot of Joerg's slingshots use interesting materials or exotic woods. I've made a few pistol grips in my time, so I can understand the desire to work with new materials that is intrinsic with woodworking.

    I'm thinking about sending Joerg some materials (when I have a chance to travel up the hill for them). When I collect things, they usually are symbolic. So, I'd like to send Joerg materials that are symbolic of California - perhaps he, too, would enjoy crafting a slingshot that retains some deeper meaning in his collection. I know he likes strong materials, so that instantly brings a couple of thoughts to mind. The first would be manzanita. It is a brush native to California. It is very hard, yet can be beautiful. The heartwood is often brownish-red, but I've seen some that can have almost a purple hue. Yet, it will be incredibly strong. It grows everywhere in high desert around the Sierra Nevada mountain range, so it is often considered to be invasive and problematic (especially because they catch fire). However, I see them as a gift. Their berries can be made into cider that rivals that of apples, and the wood is durable and interesting. It has such odd twists and turns - finding a fork for a slingshot would be easy.

    Another material that would be fun to send would be serpentine. The hardness can range anywhere from 4-7, but it is very pretty when polished. A hardness of 4 would allow one to carve the material rather easily (WEAR A DUST MASK THOUGH), so it would make a wonderful handle for a slingshot. Finding carving grade serpentine can be tough, unless one knows where to look and how to test it ;) It is also California's state rock.

    Let me know what you all think of these ideas - and, let me know how one would go about sending things Joerg's way.

    Thanks, and BYE BYE!!!
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    Hi kjones. Welcome to the SLingshot addicts. Get the hand on California wood woud love evryone here :D
    If you need help with shooting i am always happy to help :)

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    Thanks bud! I certainly will try to get up to my property to get some hardwood soon. Love that Manzanita