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Hello from Belgium.

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Hi, <br><br>I've been interested in slingshots (as well as archery, air gunning and firearms) for a while. <br>After watching Joerg Sprave's fantastic videos on Youtube, i decided to create an account here so that i can exchange ideas with others who share my passion.
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Hello and welcome! <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">
Hello and welcome countryman.
<div>welcome <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">
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<br>hmm nice slingshot!<br>maybe needs some sanding and oiling <img src="" alt="Laughing" longdesc="7"><br><a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">my Channel . . . . . Selfmademilitary</a><br><a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">My Forum</a>
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