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    My name is Jerry (aka. Barnacules) and I am a HUGE fan of Joerg Sparve and his YouTube channel. I watched the episode recently on the Rambone 3D printable slingshot and decided to give it a try since I do a lot of 3D printing projects on my YouTube channel (Barnacules Nerdgasm).

    I printed the Rambone on my Ultimaker 3D printer using colorFabb Gold PLA/PHA at 0.2mm layer height with 100% infill at 100mm/sec printing speed. The results were awesome the slingshot fits in my hand like a glove. It also feels pretty damn indestructible which is something I was worried about printing it in PLA since it's not as strong as ABS plastic.

    I have never built a slingshot before and wanted to MacGyver it so I decided to destroy one of my old PT isometric rubber bands and use it as the sling and power source. At first I thought it wasn't going to work good but then I took the Rambone outside and fired some paintballs at my garbage can my eyes opened wide because the speed and impact was not only impressive it completely blew my expectations out of the water. And the sound this thing makes is mind blowing :eek:

    I agree that the material is used is not ideal by any stretch of the imagination for a slingshot but I like trying stuff and doing things differently even if it ends in failure I learn a lot from it.

    Joerg built a hell of a Slingshot and I will start a new thread on here when I get the video up tomorrow at http://barnnerd.com for you all (and hopefully Joerg to see!). I am just finishing shooting some video tonight then tomorrow when it's light outside I'll capture some high speed 120fps footage of me shooting it so you can see it in real time and in slow motion cobbled together from a 3D printer.

    I want to thank Joerg for creating such an epic slingshot and opening it up to the public to print them. This is an amazing example of how someone on the other side of the world that is creative can impact the life of someone on the other side with nothing more then a digital transfer of data over a wire. It's simply amazing and the soul reason I'm a YouTube producer.

    Here is a picture of it!(taken moments ago)

    Thank you!
    Jerry (aka. Barnacules)
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    That looks awesome.

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    Looking very good!

    You might want to change the band attachment though. I recommend folding the bands once, lengthwise, and attaching them "over the top", as shown in the video manual (chapter 3).

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    Welcome to the forum, good to have you here. The Rambone looks great - nice job.
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    Welcome to SSC!
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    Jealous of the 3D printer! Set it up, go to bed and wake up with a new slingshot. Perfect!

    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Yeah I already broke the band once playing with it last night. I will try the method in your video and show it in the video I'm working on. You have done an amazing job with this slingshot and I can't believe how stable it feels in my hand (like an extension of it!). I plan to print another one in 30% wood composite when I get some more!

    Also I'm honored that you responded to my thread, I know you must be very busy and it means a lot. Keep up the great work you have built one heck of a community here!

    Damn it, now I'm hungry! :eek:

    That is if the house does not burn down... But yeah :p

    Thank you! I feel very welcome. I can't wait to get home and work on the video some more. It keeps getting dark out too early making it hard for me to get video of me shooting it outside!