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    i live in nyc so there isnt much room to shoot and there isnt much natural wood to find. but i love seeing what everyone else has to share and i hope one day i can make a real slingshot like all of you

    so far i made just one slingshot that i am very proud of. it was tons of fun making it but a lack of supplies and experience has prevented me from making more
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    Howdy and welcome to the Slingshot Channel.

    If you have access to shipping pallets, keep an eye out for oak ones. I've been seeing some pallets made of plywood and multiplex, too. Wood shipping pallets are often left laying around dumpsters near loading docks. Look in the woods of city parks for branches trimmed by the parks department. I found my natural that way, shoots as straight as any other fork I own.

    Don't be afraid to post the fork you made, the great thing about this hobby is that there something for every budget and skill level.