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Hello everyone!<br><br>At first I have to apologize for my bad english. It should be better, because i have been teached it since i was in the third grade at school and its one of the most important skills you need (especially in internet <img src="" alt="Wink" longdesc="15">).<br>I registered at this page because i like slingshots and other selfmade things, especially things that are good to make a prank <img src="" alt="Wink" longdesc="15"> . I already tried to build a potatoe cannon, but it did not work. My had the most success with waterballoons at the campside from the firebrigade.<br><br>OK, thats it, now i will read th forum and i hope for a good cooperation between all of us!<br><br>LG Pranked
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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