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    That is right, The Slingshot Channel now has a forum!<br><br>Thomas Kole, a great guy from The Netherlands, put it all together... I am really happy about it.<br><br>Well... the obvious question is: Does the community need another forum? We don't exactly have a shortage of those. But let me tell you that I need a forum for my fans, mostly. Seems like my rubber based weapons are not welcome on most of the other forums, and that is fine - I admit they are sometimes a little more dangerous (and often provocative) than the usual handheld beanflipper. <br><br>Here, my videos are nicely structured into categories, and it is much easier to find them compared to my youtube channel. It is so much easier to discuss things that way. <br><br>There is a general slingshot subforum as well, and of course a German one, too. Feel free to post away!<br><br>Rules? Stay kind and calm, and you won't be censored. That is basically my only rule.
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