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Hello and greatings from Germany

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Hello every one <img src="" alt="Wink" longdesc="15"><br><br>My name is Jannik and I live in Germany.<br>I'm totally new to Slingshots but I'm fascinated about it. My favorite Slingshot is the "winch opparated portable slingshot cannon" from Jörg and I like his bow-firing Slingshots!<br>Some evening on television I saw Jörg when he was firing his biggest "Slingshot cannon" and crashed that car. First thing I did when the television show was over, I turned on my PC and searched "Jörg Sprave" on YouTube. <br>Since that time I whatch his videos regularly and now I decidet to join the forum so that I could learn more about Slingshots.<br>I would like to do my own one with my own ideas and so one, so I hope it get a good time here in the forum.<br><br>Thanks to every body.<br><br>(Sorry for bad english... -.-)
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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