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    This is an intro to me. My name is Van and I am learning to shoot. At present the only thing I can hit consistently is the dirt. Also, I have no idea what any of this slingshor jargon means. If anyone could do a thread on stances and styles and decode all of the acronyms for us newbies that would be great. Thanks all.

    Van the dirt slayer.
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    Safety First! Always wear eye protection. Always know what's behind your target. A good leather glove can be handy when you're first learning. Hand hits and bandslap can cause actual injuries. Never shoot a slingshot at people. Only shoot animals if they are legal game and you intend to eat them. If you do hunt with a slingshot, make sure you can easily hit a target the size of a tennis ball. Make sure your combination of bands and ammo can make a good dent on a steel can. Slingshots aren't appropriate for game bigger than a rabbit.

    There are 3 main ways to hold a slingshot, hammer grip, choker/pinch grip, and finger braced. You can hold you slingshot perpendicular to the ground, parallel to the ground, or halfway between those two at a 45 degree angle. Hammer grip works bes when the fork has a palmswell or wristbrace the keep the frame from twisting. I prefer finger braced. The next key is to keep your fork tips even on a plane parallel to your body. Grip your pouch on the ammo rather than in front of the ammo. Twist the pouch 90 degrees towards yourself before releasing. Release the pouch as smoothly as you can. Just like pulling a trigger, if you use a jerky motion it will throw off your aim. If you want to try aiming, and you hold your slingshot at 45 degrees or parallel to the ground, you can use your top fork tip or the top band as an aiming point and adjust from there.

    Nathan Masters/Simple-Shot/flippinout, Bill Hays/Pocket Predator, pfshooter, and Gamekeeper John all have good instructional videos on youtube for how to hold the fork, aim, and basic slingshooting. Let me know if you can't find them and I'll post some links.

    Trumark keeps Gary "Flatband" Miller's slingshot glossary on their website: http://www.slingshots.com/html/slingshot-catapult-glossary.html

    Below are my demonstrations of the three slingshot grips: (hammer, choke, braced) Good luck, happy slingshooting, and welcome to the forum!

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