Heavy Duty Wire " Coathanger" Slingshot

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    <br>I came home from the Diner this morning and saw a package sticking out of the mailbox! In this family ,90% of the time that means something slingshot related!!! IT WAS!! This is a very heavy wire frame or "Coathanger" style slingshot from Nico. In the Spanish Barrios in California where Nico grew up,these "Resortas" were the slingshot of choice because there were hardly any trees around. This is the style slingshot I had growing up in Jersey City also. We made ours from wire coathangers also because the trees around us were mostly down at the park and if you were caught cutting one of those-well deep trouble! Anyway, ours were very wimpy in comparison to Nico's. We used one Wire twisted around and then wound with Electricians tape. He uses two to three heavy gauge coathangers and then wraps with tape. We used single and double strand ganged 32's(thin office rubber bands),he uses triple to quad strand ganged 64's! Serious power here for sure. Thanks a ton Nico! This one brings back a lot of memories of my youth. I could have brought down a cab with this thing! KIdding,we never shot cabs!!!! Gracias Compa! Flatband <br><br><img src="http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m88/Flatband/DSC00033.jpg" border="0" alt="">