Have you ever tried out swirl Painting?

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  1. zwillie

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    I found this video


    This should also work for slingshots.

  2. Will

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    I have done this before, on some of my fishing rods. The application is different, but the technique is similar. You might try mixing paint pigments or small amounts of Testors model paints with your finish of choice in small quantities. For example, pour out several 1-2 cm drops of finish (try polyurethane, or others, not positive what will work) on a board and mix your colors into the various drops. Then apply and swirl thru the other colors to achieve the desired effect. It is best to try this first before starting on a finished piece of work. Let me know how it turns out!

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  3. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    That's cool, i'd love to see a slingshot done this way!
  4. Flipgun

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    I surfed across this or another like it and thought the same. Maybe it is time to try that.
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    I did my Android case

    I made this with model paint paint. I first lightly sanded and primed the case. Then I thinned the paint with thinner (Model paint is denser than water so it will sink, this is why you should thin it out). I then use an eye dropper and drop a few in water and swirl with a small straw or tooth pick. Keep doing it until you like it.

    Slowly dip it in the water/paint- I went in vertical along the long side of my case. Go all the way in and then move paint out of the way with your other hand and then slowly lift it out and let it dry.

    I also made my phone holster out of Kydex and lined it with felt to the paint would not get scratched up.

    I made this in six months ago and its still looking good.

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