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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by mikehunt042084, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. All of my friends want the W style slingshot that I copied from Joerg, you don't mind that I am making and giving them to friends do you bossman? I'm not selling them or anything, just using your design.
  2. Will

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    Much respect Mike! This is a stand-up thing to do!

  3. kohlqez

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    I can't imagine it would bother him too much, he did make a tutorial video on it...
  4. I have to ask it's only right

    I doubt it would, the video is on youtube for anyone to use. But I still have to ask before I share the design with people that are not members of the forum. It's just polite :)
  5. JoergS

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    Make them, give them away, sell them, it's all up to you. I am happy to see you like the "W"! To this day I still think it is a great slingshot.

    I am no fan of this copyright/patent/original design bull**** that came up recently in the slingshot community. To me, a slingshot is too simple for such matters.

    Using my name for commercial advertising, that is a different issue. I'd certainly like to be asked PRIOR to any such usage and quite often, I will say no.
  6. Withak

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    I do like the "W" design myself. I have one made of 3/4" PVC rather than the original wood and steel - such a simple design, very easy to shoot and solid as a rock. I like Joerg's take on the whole design issue. It's a really nice and gracious way to do things and really gives so many more folks the opportunity to get involved and to build without worrying someone will cause them a problem.