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    Hello everyone, <br><br>Im a new into the slingshot game and have enjoyed very much constructing and shooting new slingshot. Heres my question.<br><br>What determines handslap. What I mean is why does one slingshot have no slap while anouther with same bands and ammo deliver a vicious slap. I have notice with experimenting with wide lower fork designs that I cannot seem to shoot them for any amount of time due to slap. I have attact the three slingshot I have settled on the wide one is the hand slap offender. ITs 5" wide and fork hight of about .75". All are over the top shooters with flatband using flip style. Any help is appreciated.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Chris<br><br>[​IMG]
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    <div>you can only completely protect you against handslaps with building a shield <br>wearing an glove or using heavier ammo<br>or try shooting like stickshot with two tip slingshots</div><div class="clear"></div><div class="signature_div">
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