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Greet'ns Y'all from Chattanooga (TN, U.S.A)

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Um...Hi...<br>I've been watching the "Slingshot Channel" for a bit now and was ecstatic when I found this forum...In regards to spelling and grammer...I'll try...I'm a product of the American Education system so...No promises...<img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">...Foul language...No prob...I swear in Fandomeese (Battlestar Galactica, Farscape and FireFly are my personal favorites)...<br><br>I work with metal, wood and anything else I can get my grubby hands on...I look forward to "trying" to build the some of the creations found in this forum and hopefully submit a few ideas of my own...Until then...<br><br>Trust in the rust...<br><br>
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Hello and welcome.
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