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Hello fellow slingshot shooters,<br><br>My name is Jake and I live in Wisconsin USA. About a year ago I came across Joerg's YouTube videos of him shooting his awesome slingshots and other homemade weapons. He inspired me to start making and shooting slingshots. I have made about a dozen or so now and have given some to friends and family. My first few slingshots were not that great but, as I have stuck with this little hobby (which my wife supports) my work has got better. I love this "sport" designing,building and shooting slingshots that you have made yourself brings with it an awesome feeling of accomplishment. I feel that shooting slingshots also has been helping me to become a better marksmen in other shooting sports that I hold near and dear to my heart. So much so that all four of my children will be learning how to shoot with a slingshot as well, as they come of age to so. So , thank you all for allowing me to join this awesome forum. I hope to post some pictures of my slingshots soon.<br><br>Happy shooting and be safe<br><br>Jake S.
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