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    Hears a couple other slingshots i've made,# 1 main part is a piece of ash,dark add-ons are walnut. Still need to string it up & shoot it. Might be top heavy. I'll let ya know later. ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1388630479.782484.jpg
    # 2 this was my first try at a full round shooter. Shoots ok, needed a bigger mor beefy grip. Top is oak,grip is mesquite. ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1388630708.274498.jpg
    # 3 this one i made for my son. He's a Navy man & a Mason. Its the only pic i have at present. ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1388631258.844149.jpg main part is oak, front is a pistol grip of Brazilian cherry. It also shoots ok. Need more R/D work on fully enclosed shooters. Hope Ya'll like !
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    These are intriguing and very nicely crafted. Not often if ever you see any shoot through type frames so your definitely striking with your own hammer so to speak!