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G'day from Melbourne, Australia

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Hey guys<br><br>I found out Joerg about 3 years back when i was still 13 and i was so interested in making slingshots but haven't come around to making one yet.<br><br>I am now 16 and am planning a designing my own slingshot but i'm not probably not going to start any time soon becuase of school coming around the corner.<br><br>so uh...hi <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">
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Welcome! <br><br>I sometimes made slingshots at our woodworking classes in school, altough we have a new teacher now that probably wont allow me to, that sucks!
welcome, have no time becouse of my school either, so i make time <img src="" alt="tongue" longdesc="24">
Hello and welcome
hello and welcome! <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">
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