FUN story over here :) Introduction of Mantiano(MiddleEurope/Lithuania)

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  1. Mantiano

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    Hello everyone.

    I think i will start my introduction from my hobbies :) They are..
    -smiling :)
    -mountain biking
    -sling shooting
    -and everything interesting...

    and i have a
    FUN STORY :)
    of my life to tell you.

    Ok this forum is all about slingshots so i'm going to talk little bit about them in my life :) From the age of 4 i live in the city but my heart is somewhere outside of the box.. So i often used to made all kind of fun outside toys to play with.. One of them was slingshot made from tree branch. I recall the area where we used to live. The houses there were built in lines. There were multi storey houses every 50 meters or something like that .. So i chalanged myself to shoot the rock from my balcony to the house in front of us. I tried a lot of times with a lot of weak or bad rubber bands till i finaly got it ..Wohoo i got it.. I was really happy till i heard a breaking glass noise.. :D (Srr).. That wasn't what i expected, because now i don't really understand what i was trying to reach. :eek: But i can not deny that it was fun :)

    What i wanted to say with this story is that slingshoots were in our all lives from our childhood and we can't possibly dissociate from those :)

    Enjoy your life as you like it :p

    Work in progress on this new Joergs slingshot :)
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  2. studer1972

    studer1972 scooter trash

    Welcome to the Slingshot Channel. Always remember to be aware of what's behind your target! ;)

    PS: I prefer scowling myself. Scowling uses more muscles than smiling. Why be a slacker?

  3. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    I know what you were trying to reach- the breaking point. Welcome to the crew!

    -Wild Bill
  4. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Funny, I had a co-worker that used to call me 'smiley' because I always had a smile on my face, must be a hobby for me too :D

    I can sympathize with your past transgression. I wonder why it is that so many of us have stories from our youths that end with 'why did I do that?'
  5. studer1972

    studer1972 scooter trash

    People leave a scowling man alone. When I lived in the bad part of town, after I dropped out of college, I only seemed to get messed with when I was in a good mood.
  6. PaulPawx3

    PaulPawx3 Member

    I have to smile every time I see Studard rocking that hat :D My "why did I do that" story. got caught shooting at a window with a BB gun one day (even though I had been taught better) man it was fun for a few minutes. After it was all said and done, I would cringe every time I heard glass breaking. :)Lesson learned "don't shoot at a window with a BB gun" it is not as fun as you thought:D
  7. Slagskimmer Mike

    Slagskimmer Mike thinks TBG smells better than roses

    Welcome Mantiano!

    Looking forward to seeing the ss you are building.
    Good to have you here.
  8. Mantiano

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    Response to: studer1972 ; Withak ; PaulPawx3 ; Other

    Regardless of that smiling takes less muscle than scowling world is full of disasters and other bad things. I'm one of those people who understand that they have everything (exp: arms to make the slingshot, eyes to aim with it, legs to run away, intelligance to regret it a bit :D, smile to optimize whole situation, education and more ...) so why should i cry ? At the same time smiling is assiociated, closly connected with happiness. Life is short why to waste it for scrowling ... :) That's a response to studer1972's message.

    Withak - Probably there are so many stories with those kind of ending because people with their age get knowledge and realise that wasn't so fun for people who were affected by the accident :D

    PaulPawx3 - Its funny to hear comparable story from you :)

    BTW Thanks to everyone for pleasant meeting :p