Fully automatic Slingshot invention

Discussion in 'New project ideas' started by Joneses, May 13, 2013.

  1. Joneses

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    Hi everyone,
    first i want to say i'm a newbie in this topic. So i have no idea what about details and physical problems in this invention. So it would be glad if someone can write if this is possible or what need to be changed that it will be possible. Or maybe its just another unrealistic, crazy idea ;)

    Ok so now to my invention.

    Because its hard to explain i draw a little sketch in paint. (click for full size)


    So the dark green box is the magazine. It can be used for arrows or balls, i think it doesnt matter.
    The red line illustrate the rubber.
    The light green box should be something like a sled (joerg is using this box for his pumpgun slingshots so he can pull the rubber easily backwards)
    Ok insofar it looks like a normal "pump action slingshot".

    Now there is the difficult part, which should automate this procedure.
    There are two blue circles on which is a band. (like a transmission chain on your bicycle). On this band is one or two black parts, which are "driving" along the bands.
    This parts should pull the light green box backwards.
    Of course this transmission chain is powered by a motor.
    One last important thing is that there is NO trigger.
    The slingshot release automatic because the transmission chain is a bit odd. So the black part is going downwards until it can't hold anylonger the green box and it will be released.
    This will be repeated.

    Of course there need to be much more details like how to fixing this transmission chain etc. But it should only show the mechanics.

    Here are som pros and cons of this weapon

    +fully automatic (don't need to pull back the rubber)
    +big magazine (maybe 30 shoots)
    +fast reloading (only need to put new ammo in the magazine)

    - maybe a big/heavy gun because there is a lot of construction
    - a strong motor(which is not rotating too fast) or instead of a strong motor weak rubber bands
    - maybe unrealistic ;)

    As i said before i don't know if this can be realized or it's impossible.
    So what do you think about it? Even if you think i'm a crazy newbie who have no knowledge about slingshots, please tell me your opinion.

  2. Achso_42

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    Jörg did a pencil-shooter that releases automatic.
    I think this could work, but either the firerate or the power would be ridiculous.

  3. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    could work, but i don't think it is worth all the efforts
  4. Slagskimmer Mike

    Slagskimmer Mike thinks TBG smells better than roses

    If the draw is not depending on human power this maybe could be extra potent (super strong rubber) and extra short, find a way to capitalize on this advantage perhaps to make up for motor weight etc.
  5. Joneses

    Joneses Junior Member

    I think the firerate for the weapon wouldn't be so less because you can place 2 parts on the transmission chain. Of course you cant compare it with the firerate of a real machine gun.

    In my opinion the motor is the biggest problem, because if it should be strong enough it won't be tiny.

    Unfortunaly i neither have the time or the knowledge/practise for building such a weapon. This is the reason why i posted my idea on this forum. Maybe one person think that this invention is worth all the efforts you need to build it. (I think it of course ;) )
    It would be great to see an prototype of this weapon.

    Maybe i get the time and the knowledge in 2-3 month, and if there is still no prototype, maybe i start with this project. But at this moment it's not possible for me to start such a project.
  6. Lukk

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    Im not that shure, but Jörg mentioned some time ago, that it is not legal to strech the bands with sth else then musclepower.

    Ever looked at a AEG Softair? Works the same way.
    These are mostly powered by a 500 Motor which draws about 30-40Amperes at 9,6-12Volts. And the typical projectiles wieght 0,20g and an energy of 1,5Joule. ROF 600-900

    In conclusion it means pratically your construction would have have a very very low ROF.
  7. Acheron

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    Contrary to common belief, this is not full auto. The definition of a full auto weapon is that a single power source fires the gun by itself without the help of a motor or hand crank. Joerg's mini gun and Gatling gun are not truly full auto because they have two power sources, the rubber bands and the motor/hand crank. Google it if you don't believe me. I have come up with a true full auto design and I am willing to share it.