Flechette/Pana Question

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  1. Y-shooter

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    I'm experimenting to shoot a flechette (pana style).
    I used a nail and worked it until it looked like a dart.
    I attached duct tape as flights and also tried wool.
    I just cannot get this sucker fly straight.
    I attached two pictures.
    One shows the dart. The other shows the way I shoot it.
    Any suggestions are welcome!

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  2. Achso_42

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    1. Use thin paracord to hook in the bolt.
    2. If you use only one side of the hook, leave the other side away, for better balance. (+ the flat tip acts like a wing)
    3. Show us the duct tape fletching:)
    4. thin out the end of the Nail to make it front-heavy.

  3. Slagskimmer Mike

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    +1 on number 4. from Achso

    as soon as the weight is in the front it will be mostly solved.

    Someone on here posted pics of fletching made of rope glued to the tail and then unraveled, looked like a clever idea.

    Is this for a launcher, or are you just reeealy courageous?
  4. Y-shooter

    Y-shooter Member

    I cut off one side of the tip and I used a string instead of the wire I had.
    I tapered the nail some towards the end but not much difference.
    One time the flight (wool) almost hung up on the string. It worried me a bit.
    I like to shoot flechettes from a slingshot and not from a stick.
    I know by flipping the stick the flechette can clear the elastic much better.
    I think I hang it up for right now and go back to the drawing board.
    I may try flechettes like Joerg had a while ago.
    He used a loop on each side of the elastic and with wing nuts on a threaded rod.
    It might work better this way.
    Thanks for your input.

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  5. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    it should work the way you have it now!
  6. Malleus

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    I used wool taped at the very back of a 5" nail and it worked fine, fired from a stickshot using a keyring to hook the nail onto.

    I've never used a forked sling to shoot a dart so maybe that's the problem.

    You could experiment with different nails, heavier, lighter, longer, shorter to see if that helps. Someone said somewhere before that 6" worked better for them. Some have also had sucess using a plastic cone shaped flight, similar to what they sell for blowgun darts but I think it was bought from a hardware store.
  7. Will

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    Since you are building ammo like this, you may want to check out Failure's YouTube channel for his awesome penetration ammo tutorial. He does an excellent job and the ammo is very efficient!
  8. tokSick

    tokSick Senior Member

    Just watched the tutorial... Very funny AND interesting. Thanks Failure ;)