Flatband 6cm, same force than 3cm x2?

Discussion in 'New project ideas' started by SavageFox, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. SavageFox

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    Hi, first of all, english is not my languaje, sorry if I say something strange.

    I never make a slingshot, but inspired by the channel I'm working now on a 3d printed slingshot whit a vertical front pulley system, the idea is to use one single rubber to do all the ''circuit'', and make the point of draw directly to the fron, so I can gain distance.

    The major doubts that I have at the moment, is what wide I must cut the theraband gold, if I put x2 3cm I can get the same power than a 6cm? my goal is to make a slingshot as powerfull as possible, the strenght is not a problem.

    The other question, is that where is the limit? 6cm x3? x4? 8cm? is that a point where the contraction velocity of the bands just reach a top and the only gain there is just using more weigth in the projectile?

    Thank you.
  2. Knallfrosch

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    If i remember correctly, Jörg once mentioned, that the amount of rubber is essential. so if you have a 6cm band or 2x3cm bands. it should be comparable. Minus the friction between multiple bands.
    I was planning to build a pulley system too, but Jörg stated, that every friction, every diversion of power reduces the overall power. Free moving bands is the most powerful way .
    Drawlength(and more Rubber) is the key to power.
    Full butterfly with as many rubber as you can pull.
    See Robin´s channel if you pursue that path.

  3. Blankwalker

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    question, is that where is the limit? 6cm x3? x4? 8cm? is that a point where the contraction velocity of the bands just reach a top and the only gain there is just using more weigth in the projectile?[/QUOTE]

    What Do you want with a powerfull as possible slingshot? -muscle growth

    Or Do you expect a slingshot projectile to be the faster , the more Rubber you Pull?
    A normal hunting bandset for let s say 13mmsteelballs is about 2( per side )x 20mmwide bands cut to a ratio of about 4,5 times stretch depending on Rubber, drawlength and Personal preference.

    As you already mentioned, you never Made a slingshot ...respectively a bandset..?
    I would recommend to Do a simple slingshot First and shoot it ...getting some
    Try- The bandcalculator

    But First you have to decide which Ammo weight to chose...
    Like Knallfrosch said
    As powerfull as possible Doesn t mean effective.

  4. JoergS

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    Rubber is good for shooting heavy projectiles at a speed of 70, maybe 80 m/s. It is very hard to exceed that speed. More rubber won't help.

    On a very warm day and with extremely tapered rubber shooting tiny steel balls, you can achieve 120 to 150 m/s (yes, I know some guys claim they reached 250 m/s or so, but I think those were chrony errors). But I don't like those setups. Unavoidable hand slaps, very short band life and very low energy levels.

    My band calculator is configured that way. I see no difference between one, two or three bands per side as long as the total rubber amount stays the same and the tapering ratio is identical.

    Energy max depends on your personal strength. My energy level peaks at one inch steel balls (of course using plenty of rubber), a few others have topped me by going even higher. But I warn you, such record attempts are dangerous. Maxed out bands are hard to control, and RTS shots are likely. A hit from a one inch steel ball is not funny.
  5. SavageFox

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    Thank you for the aclarations, its much easy if I can short down the structure for 3cm x2 flatbands.

    I can't whait to finish my prototype! at least I think its gonna be original.
  6. ErronStein

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    Can't wait to see the finished product, SavageFox. Good luck!
  7. SavageFox

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    Still working on the design, but that's the concept, the flatbands (red line) starts from the upper part, (2x3cm theraband gold) that separates into 2 whells placed down, and comes the way up to the others placed in the front part to be retained by another piece which don't appear in the picture.

    I Like the idea of the ''H'' slingshot from Joerg, and the fact that you don't lose draw distance if you place the bands in front of the slingshot, in that case I came whit 2 turns instead of 1, and the whells are so big to help reduce fricction lost.

    There is still work to do and flaws to correct, the final prototype it may break like garbage or result in just a fancy slingshot whit no real gain in power, time will tell.