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Here are my first attempts at airbows. I've never worked with pneumatics before, and I figured they'd blow up after a few shots hence the extreme apathy regarding aesthetics. Each has had well over 50 shots without issues sooooo who knows... I have an Umarex Airsaber, and, at equal PSI, they are just as powerful if not more.
I bought 2 of the "high quality" 5000psi pressure washer handles, and they both failed after a few shots, so I tried to build beefy and ugly. Has anyone figured out a way to make a reliable trigger without machining?
The third thing is a "speargun" I use for bowfishing. It works great, but I grinded the trigger out of aluminum and it took way too long to be repeatable.

P.S. Thank you Joerg for all you've given us. I've watched you for years and learned more than I can convey.
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