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    i went to a woodworking shop and i saw a list of al kind of finishes which one is the best you think

    Cuprinol garden an opaque decoration for garden wood in different colors
    Cuprinol garden furniture and patio wood breeds and protects all hardwood and tropical woods such bangkirai , teak , merbau , ...
    Cuprinol fast drying varnish staircase and parquet varnish
    Cuprinol wood wash for a subtle patina finish inside timber
    Cedar oil protector total protection specifically for cedar - wood
    Xylamon Combi prevents and combats dry rot, fungi and woodworm , both inside and outside
    Xylamon Primer protective layer against wood rot , mold and wood worms before finishing
    Xylamon Brown preventive protection , dark brown, for exterior wood against wood rot, mold , woodworm and weather
    Xylamon Timmer preventive wood protection , light , against wood rot , fungi and woodworm
    Impranol decorative protection against weathering and UV rays , available in different colors
    Axil Multi protects preventive and curative , insecticidal and zwamdodend
    Trip Trap Master oil covers all species of softwood to hardwood , and cork. Oil highlights the natural structure of the wood and gives maximum protection against dirt and stains . The necessary maintenance is simple : just wipe with a blend of natural soap TripTrap
    Trip Trap worksheet oil is used for the basic treatment of untreated or pretreated wood surfaces . The oil gives a strong, water - and dirt-resistant surface and is available in natural and white
    Trip Trap terrace oil is used as a basic treatment and maintenance for wood decks . The oil protects the wood against UV rays and green attack . Ensures a durable and water-repellent surface
    TripTrap furniture oil is used as a basic treatment and maintenance of garden furniture in teak and other hardwoods . Protects the wood against UV rays and green attack . Ensures wear and water resistant surface and emphasizes the natural wood texture

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    done over 5 min

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    I guess someone did there homework great tips going to buy some walnut planks so I'll keep this in mind :) :D thanks for the finish helps

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    As I remember the Cuprinol is mostly used for redwood, to preserve the color, keep it from drying out.
    So it would probably be my last choice for a slingshot.

    Back when I was crafting staffs I prefered a walnut oil/beeswax finish. But everyone has their own preferences. For me it was not so much about appearance, but feel. And for wood I handle a lot I dislike poly/varnish feel compared to an oiled/waxed feel.

    I see the "pro's" in here using a lot of raw or boiled linseed oil. I bet there is a good reason.
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    I don't know squat about finishes that work with slingshots, but I am familiar with that list. Cuprinal and Xylamon are used primarily for outdoor use where the wood will be exposed to either direct weather or soil- decks, outdoor furniture, fences, etc... They are durable but won't give you a glassy shine or deep gloss of grain. Impranol and Axil are compounders used again primarily for outdoor applications. tripTrap can be used for indoor applications but it is also usually used for outdoor use, along with Spar and Minwax Ethyl.

    When building furniture I used Xylene mostly when I suspected a lot of harsh use and sunlight. Linseed oil is also a great finisher and compounder, as is natural bee's wax. Coloring can be done with fine ash, vinegar and even pulverized rust shavings.

    -Wild Bill
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    Hey Enes,

    the above is the best product.

    I suppose the others to contain biocides, wouldn´t want to have skin contact with those for longer..

    or look here: #4

    I can´t find Arturo´s recipe, which is great!


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