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Finished my first 2 + introduction

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Joerg's video on the condom slingshot made me laugh out loud, and from there I stumbled upon this forum.

I've been making fishing lures (crankbaits, floaters, etc) for a few years, and because my tacklebox is overflowing I was stoked to get back into slingshots (I had quite a few daisy's as a kid).

Process: drew blueprints, used bandsaw, router, and finished it off with a dremel and sanding. Very fun process, I now see why so many of you have numerous slingshots. Next project... I might play around with some deer antlers or try a natural shooter.

Walnut soaked in Linseed Oil, with WD40 sparingly rubbed into it (experimenting)

Zebrawood + plywood (had scraps) finished with linseed oil and a polycrylic coating over the multiplex

I've been lurking a lot on all of the different posts, and it has been very informative and entertaining. If it weren't for you guys and all of the information posted here, I wouldn't have been able to design these two slingshots, or get the proper bands, etc.

so thanks :)
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Excellent job on your first two slingshots. I really LOVE the ergo walnut tho.

Since I'm in learning mode, I am very curious about your thoughts on the WD-40. In lieu of bees wax?
I wouldn't use the WD40 again, I used it as a last step in thought that it would seal it off, but really it just darkened the finish a bit, and smoothed the wood grain. I soaked it in a few coats of wd and polished it with steel wool; not really worth the effort in my opinion.
I really like the second one. Zebrawood looks just amazing!
Also I love the gifs. It is a very great way of presentation.
Please, keep it up! :)
thanks, it turned out a lot better than I had imagined; I still have quite a bit of zebrawood left, so I think I might make a few more with it :)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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