Fast as bands and last as tubes?

Discussion in 'General Slingshot Discussions' started by river88, Oct 6, 2013.

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  1. river88

    river88 New Member

    Hi, after pass from bands to tubes (more more last!), i really prefer the red tubes, it seems perfect for everything equal or lighter than 14mm lead ball!

    Green, Blue, Black and Silver are too slow. Blue is good for very heavy ammo like 30g. Yellow is good for light ammo like 9g.

    However, sometimes i miss the bands, but them did not last at all! So, after some think i'm gonna try a new project to get the same speed of bands and same last as tube.

    MY IDEA IS THAT the bands break because when u cut it with roller some micro break happen on the border. This is the reason why them break after some uses. While tubing (that are not cutted, except start and and) last a lot a lot a lot.

    MY PROJECT is that of... roll as tubes a whole piece of theraband bands light color as yellow, red, green or blue (this last for heavy ammo). Yes, an entire piece of band (cutted at start and end in relation to drawlenght) rolled with a little piece of glue in the corner (to prevent it open, so remain compact). My calcs show that u should get a very fast, not tapered set!

    To make this kind of set i should need a little tube diameter (like 4mm) and a piece of band. Put glue around all corner and then roll around the tube the band! Leave it dry and then remove the tube. Should i now have a very good and fast band set?

    The last question is, which kind of glue should i use?

    Thank you, hope u like this project!
  2. xXdoomXx

    xXdoomXx Junior threadjacker ag. J

    I don't know enough to help you :(


  3. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    i don't think there is a glue for this, i like the idea though
  4. Obl1v1Aus

    Obl1v1Aus Meh!

    Other people on the forum probably have a better idea of how this all works, but from my professional experiences with rubber products (both latex and non-latex) glue isn't going to be a good idea.

    the sort of glue you would need for your plan would need to be solvent based. The solvents in glues are pretty harsh and will eat most kinds of rubbers, which can cause problems across a larger area of the rubber than just the glue site.
    over the years I've seen solvents on rubber drive belts for printers and ATM's that cause them to go quite brittle up to an inch each side of a glue spot.

    that is just my experience though, as I said other people may have a better idea when it relates to theraband
  5. zwillie

    zwillie New Member

    Hi River,
    I like this idea.
    But even you roll the hole Band to a tube, there can also come damages because of the thin material.
    I sometimes got holes in the centre of thin bands, not just at the edge.
    There are also a few methods for tapering tubes to get more speed.
    You are shooting really heavy ammo (14mm lead is about 16g) so here is a chart what comparable band sizes you would need instead of there tube red.


  6. xXdoomXx

    xXdoomXx Junior threadjacker ag. J

    I was about to say why not melt it into place?

  7. xXdoomXx

    xXdoomXx Junior threadjacker ag. J

    There is also so e kind of milk for race bikers like my dad who pump up flat wheels and you put a type of milk in and title turn solid after a while !

    J I'll ask how it is called
  8. JoergS

    JoergS Administrator

    The biggest speed advantage of flat bands is caused by the tapering. It is also the cause for early tearings. If you use a whole band, no tapering.

    Your theory that nicks occur during the cutting process and later on cause tears does not explain why the tears always occur right next to the pouch.

    I used rolled or folded flatbands many times and found no major disadvantage compared to several layers. No need to apply glue, the attachments will hold the folds together.

    My tests show that flat bands basically hold as long as tubes if you don't taper them.
  9. river88

    river88 New Member

    i'll try latex glue so. However joerg, i'm of idea that not tapered bands are however a little bit faster than tubes (my idea). Any other idea?
    TO Jorg: one time i did it without glue but bands opened and the steel ball knocked in my hand.
  10. Baller-Bub

    Baller-Bub New Member

    Hi River88
    Your Idea maybe a good start, but think about:
    -only way to glue correct is latex milk
    -latex milk in cured shape must be able to the same draw as the glued bands
    -you could even glue Tapered Bands this way
    -If your glue/milk has a different draw, the band will break at the glued spots
    -if you glue only spots, it will break there
    Think about it...
    But feel free to try, greetz