Even nature may well be the Rambone ......

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  1. Even nature may well be the Rambone ......

    OH.... Moin moin,

    When pruning trees, something was cut off ....
    Looking for beautiful wood to build, I've found it .....
    From the well would have known that can be x, unfortunately the farmer probably had something about it.
    Well, the basic shape it has ever, let's see what will become of her when she is dry ..... does anyone have funny ideas?

    Selbst die Natur mag wohl die Rambone......

    Beim Obstbaumschnitt, wurde sowas abgeschnitten....
    Auf der Suche nach schönem Holz zum bauen, habe ich es gefunden.....
    Aus der hätte wohl noch die bekannte x werden können, leider hatte der Bauer wohl was dagegen.
    Naja, die Grundform hat sie schonmal, mal sehen, was aus ihr wird, wenn sie trocken ist..... hat jemand lustige Ideen?

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  2. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Interesting fork Thorsten, I don't think I've seen one quite like that - natural Rambone indeed! I'm not certain there are many options with this one because the forks are already somewhat narrow. It would be a shame to lose such an odd natural shape. Perhaps you could sand it flat on both sides and use it as a core for a laminate, using it's shape to define the final slingshot?

  3. Jeremy

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    Jörg would be proud.
  4. Arturo Borquez

    Arturo Borquez Administrator

    nice, maybe slicing by the middle to cover and alu or micarta core to add strength ...
  5. flicks

    flicks ...lost in the woods....

    Ha, the Rambone! A design inspired by nature...:D
  6. beaverIII73

    beaverIII73 Junior Member

    Even nature loves the rambone. Gratz on the find!
  7. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    No matter what you decide to do with it, it would be great to leave the bark on I think :)
  8. buckshot500

    buckshot500 Hoonigan Jeeper

    It almost seems a shame to do any work on that awesome display of nature.

    At the very least, one of the photos should become a forum mascot/cover photo.
  9. xXdoomXx

    xXdoomXx Junior threadjacker ag. J

    In Finns garden slingshot Finn has a lot of these. They are very weird but I guess it might work

  10. Moin moin,
    Thank you guys ....

    It is a natural thing until now ....
    and so I will probably make in wood on ....

    You could make a fruit brandy deal out .....
    This is a branch of the apple tree .... now prune it, and cherry ...... or pear .... so to speak as a handle reinforcement?! Well, let's see if the fork of the drying healing is over ......
    Danke Jungs....

    Es ist eine Natur Sache, bis jetzt....
    und so werde ich wahrscheinlich auch in Holz weiter machen....

    Man könnte eine Obstler Sache draus machen.....
    Das ist ein Ast vom Apfelbaum.... jetzt noch Pflaume dazu, und Kirsch...... oder Birne....sozusagen als Griffverstärkung!?! Naja, mal sehen, ob die Astgabel die trocknung heil übersteht......