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Hi everybody !

"Can a crossbow punch through armour", this is a question that has been asked so often, for a very long time ! Many tests have been done, medieval crossbows VS plate armor, modern crossbows VS bulletproof vests, etc...
But what hasn't been tested yet, is if a powerful elastic arbalest, that uses multi-strand elastic rope as propellant, a material so effective that it can commonly shoot a 100 grams bolt with only 60 pounds of draw weight, is able to go through armor, both medieval and modern ! Now this idea may seem stupid, because obviously there was no elastic crossbows in the medieval era, but this is just to test the power of the arbalest... 😉
I started a serie of 10 videos on The Elastic Arbalest Channel (on YouTube and to test this, starting with ancient armour, finishing with modern armor. Now again, the idea is just to find out how powerful an elastic arbalest is, nothing else...
So far there are only 5 episodes, next episodes coming soon ! So, I hope you will enjoy the serie ! Here is the link :
Same channel on Rumble - alternatively
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