East meets West shoot off!

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    well, I still haven't seen any of this nice weather we have been promised in the UK yet,<br>but not being deterred by the lack of sunshine, I still elected to head out into a local<br>bit of woodland with the dog for the afternoon.<br><br>I'd had a bit of a rummage around the other day and dug out my old Fish hunter- a slingshot<br>I'd never really gotten to grips with for a lot of reasons, as luck would have it I had *just* <br>enough TBG left to knock up a single bandset for it....so with a pocketful of 9.5mm steel BBs,<br>off to the woods I go!<br><br><img src="http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc317/urban_paladin/2011-09-27152621.jpg" border="0" alt=""><br><br>to the bend in the path to the post (target) pictured is a good 50 paces, I had to offset my<br>aim high with the DanKung, but the Fish Hunter, even on single TBG's was hitting dead on <br>nearly every shot!<br><br><img src="http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc317/urban_paladin/2011-09-27152713.jpg" border="0" alt=""><br><br>from the picture you can see the TBG bands are a good bit longer, maybe 20% than the tubes,<br>I'd allowed this as the tubes were 'butterfly looped' and reasoned they would have a bit <br>more power to them being doubled up.<br><br>shockingly I found that the TBG was a much lighter draw than the tubes and seemed to have<br>a lot more clout range wise<br><br><img src="http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc317/urban_paladin/2011-09-27155244.jpg" border="0" alt=""><br><br>I was able to hit trees (picked targets) on the far side of the lake with both- sadly no Ducks around!<br><br><img src="http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc317/urban_paladin/2011-09-27160902.jpg" border="0" alt=""><br><br><br>She might not be a cat, but Joreg isn't the only one with beast companions lol - meet Llian <img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_smile.gif" alt="Smile" longdesc="2"><br><br><br><img src="http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc317/urban_paladin/2011-09-27161146.jpg" border="0" alt="">
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    Amazing pics! Very beautiful scenery and looks like a cool companion! I have made small ones like the hunter and have been very accurate with them but I have hit the fork and my hand with large rocks when I started to lose form. I now shoot hammer grip.

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    Agreed, cool pics, story and companion. Not even mentioning the hidden review of real slingshots with tbg against the China brand with crappy tubes <img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_razz.gif" alt="Razz" longdesc="9"> Thx <img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_biggrin.png" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1">
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    3bears, I am not surprised by the superior performance of the TBG. That is my experience exactly. Plus, the long bands will allow you to shorten them at least three times before they are gone, so they will give you many shots. <br><br>Cute dog!
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    Nice pics, Cute pup. Better luck next time on the ducks.