East Coast Slingshot Tournament-USA

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    I've been getting some requests from some of our fellow Slingshot addicts about where to send any donations they may have to the ECST in the US this spring. Last year a number of people sent things to me and I spoke with Patty ( Tournament Director) and she said she is fine with doing that again.She also will have an address that people can use to send a slingshot or other accessories. This community of ours is a pretty tight one. A lot of people are unable to attend the Tournament so by donating something, they feel they participated. Much credit and thanks has to be given to the many people from many countries who donated slingshots,ammo pouches,ammo,bands etc. last year. It was unreal! Everyone that came to the shoot went home with something. That was our goal. If you have something you want to send over,send me a PM (Flatband in member section) and we'll hook you up with an address. Thanks to everyone! Flatband <img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_biggrin.png" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1">