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    I've noticed in photos of double banded SS that they are a total of 4 individual bands tied at the forks and pouch. Is there a reason not to use a double length band and thread it through the pouch hole and back to the fork. I would still use a constrictor knot at the pouch loop to hold it in place, but it would seem like an easier way to align everything and get the lengths exactly right. I'm sure someone has thought of this before so there must be an issue with it but I can't see it yet. Thanks!
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    You would have to taper the band in the middle to get the same power, but I cant see how it wouldnt work. Im sure I saw something similar done on one of Joergs videos for a slingbow......Ill look for the one I mean

    Edit: Here its, look at 5:20 onwards. Using just one band does mean that if one side snaps you would have to cut another very long band rather than replacing just one of the four. But anyway:

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