Does using 2 bands automatically double the power?

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    Let's say we have 2 therabands, each one 6 inches long at maybe 12 kg each.<br><br> If I use both, and stretch to 30 inches (full draw, 1:5 ratio as per Jorge's instruction), then does that automatically put the power at 24 kg?<br><br> If it doesn't how can I calculate the power I have by putting on addition bands on the opposite side?
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    Hallo piecemaker.<br>have look here<br><a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>

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    I don't think Joerg's calc. factors in doubling or tripling the bands. If I read it right( which often I don't......) he's wondering what the increase in power is if you double or triple, etc., your bands. Do you get double or triple the power? Or is there a way to calculate what you get from the extra bands? Did I get it right, Piecemaker?<br>I'm betting it's not a 1 to 1 multiplier, but the Big Guy will know.<br><br>......ooohh, Budgie, " Crash course in Brian Surgery" just came on the web radio! YEAH!<br>Dant-Daahh, Dant-Dahh, Dant -Dahhh, Dant-dah....Dahhhhhhh, Dahhhhhhh, DANT!
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    you can double the power, doubling the mass of ammo and adding band strength to reach the same projectile velocity, E=1/2*m*v*v (power) and P=m*v (momentum). The maximum velocity of a band set is in the dry fire condition (at a certain temperature), so adding the projectile mass, the velocity will be lower ...