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    helloo... I was wondering if y'all are familliar with Make youtube channel's video series of master maker Jimmy Diresta (or his YT chan). If not I wamted to share them with you because I love them..the fastforward style and the skill and ingenuity I can observe in them is just overwhelming. And when I see the army of tools he uses I get a slight iwantallofthatstuffboner :D

    HERE the lastest vid.
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    Hey John,

    that vid is really dynamic!- But his construction
    could be seriously improved by just putting the parts
    together differently..

    There´s six screws bearing the load of each board..
    and short pieces glued on the OUTSIDE of that cabinet..
    Why? If he had mounted those short horizontal strips
    (cleats?) inside the cabinet with glue and three screws
    each, the whole thing was WAY much more stable!

    (can´t avoid thinking like an engineer ;) )


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    Interesting video. I'll be watching more of these for informational purposes. Looks like he does good work, thanks for sharing that.

    I was kind of wondering the same thing as Be regarding the shelves. When I've built shelves myself (no where near the quality of this guy), I've always used a cleat or some form of additional support like Be mentioned to provide additional strength for the shelf. Either that, or he could have cut a dado into the side boards for additional shelf support. I imagine with his table saw or a router table, he would have the necessary tools to do that.

    Plus, I like saying 'dado' :)
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    I wanted to puke at that video. Every 'slick' method of making cheap crap is exactly what he did. Also, the fool is wearing gloves. Gloves!!! What moron wears gloves of ANY kind around table saws, routers and such?!? I don't care how cold it is or how good you think you are at what you do, that is just plain stupid- he might as well wear a tie, too.

    Butt joints on a rolling cabinet. Well, if you want it to only last a year or so then go for it. Rabbets are what you use for a large box cabinet, not butts. Butts won't take the rolling torsion over time. Thus those banded doors (also made with butts and not rail/stile or miter like they should be) will be ill-fitting fairly soon. I could go on, but I'm starting to type to loudly and my wife is getting concerned...

    -Wild Bill
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    I agree with Bill, if I wanted poorly assembled furniture thats likely to fall apart on me, I'd much rather it be something cheap from Ikea than something I've devoted that much time to.

    as my woodshop teacher used to say to me at highschool "If you're not going to make it to last, don't waste my timber"
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    thx for the experience input. I didn't know. Should've posted another video :D
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    Guys what do you think of THIS toolbox he made? If you are in the USA you can even win it, together with one dewalt power tool. Some clever marketing xD