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  1. BeMahoney

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    Hey fellows,

    As we all walk the road of life, friendship is one of the most valuable
    things that I know.
    That´s why I feel the need to show you a really decent, loveable little
    natural-fork slingshot I received as a gift from a literally
    decent person. But it´s not only a shooter; it´s also a symbol:
    A symbol for generousity, friendship, gifts on the roadside and
    the belief in being able to overcome hard times.

    So let me put it this way: Thank you Kiitos!

    For being there,
    for pulling me out.

    This is the "Decency"

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  2. xXdoomXx

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    Love it it's small and it looks really smooth it fills the doom checklist :)


  3. BeMahoney

    BeMahoney Builder of things

    I forgot to mention that despite the asymmetric shape it fits to my hand
    perfectly just like if it was made for me!- And the smoothness it brings
    about makes it hard to "let it go"!
    - Which is the reason why Kiitos silently gave it to me as a present:
    he just put it in my little box, without a word. Right after I held it
    and honestly admitted that this slingy is one I really like very much!

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  4. dolomite

    dolomite Banned

    What a gift! If everyone got a gift like this when going through tribulations the world would be a better place:cool:.
  5. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    There are some really great folks out there. I often feel like I'm a selfish person. But watching things like this give me hope that even I can learn to be a better person. Congrats on a nice gift Be!
  6. Ghosth

    Ghosth Over the hill but still swinging!

    I heard a sermon once about giving in such a way that the right hand didn't know what the left hand had done.

    No fuss or bother, no expectations, no glory, and not expecting much in thanks. Just seeing a need and filling it, quietly, humbly. What is amazing is how much good comes back when once you get the hang of it.

    It is a tough ideal to try to live up to, I manage to pull it off some day's, others I fall short. Shrug
  7. Will

    Will Thread Hijacker

    This is a great gift! The story behind it makes it even more special. There is a distinct lack of kindness in the world these days, but seeing something like this makes me especially thankful for the good people. Thank you for sharing this Be
  8. Moin moin,
    ja.... kiitos baut zwar einfache - nicht pompöse - aussehende Schleudern, sie liegen aber spitze in der Hand!
    Ich habe die Ehre auch eine zu besitzen, sie ist klein handlich..... aber ein schöner Handschmeichler!

    Viel Spass beim Kugeln verschleudern mit deiner.....
  9. Jeremy

    Jeremy Senior member who totally rocks a pink Scout! Pink

    Good to know there are some decent people out there still.
  10. Otees

    Otees Another Member

    WOW!! Nice SS but I love the story behind it. I would agree totally with you.